Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei | 魏天正

Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei
Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei

PhD Candidate
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California

Office: PHE 101
Pronouns: he/him

Hi! I am a PhD candidate (since fall 2019) at the University of Southern California, where I am advised by Robin Jia. My current interest is in the legal issues of AI, and my work often takes basic concepts from inferential statistics. Previously, I earned a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When there are slow weeks at school, you might find me lifting (myself), swimming, biking, reading, writing, or learning. For all that I do, I want to do with love.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to email me!

Email: jtwei [strudel]

Links: [Twitter] [Github] [Google Scholar]

Selected publications

A full list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar.
  • Proving membership in LLM pretraining data via data watermarks
    Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei*, Ryan Wang*, and Robin Jia.
    Findings of ACL 2024.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • Operationalizing content moderation "accuracy" in the Digital Services Act
    Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Frederike Zufall, and Robin Jia.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • Searching for a higher power in the human evaluation of MT
    Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Tom Kocmi, and Christian Federmann.
    WMT 2022.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • The statistical advantage of automatic NLG metrics at the system level
    Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei and Robin Jia.
    ACL 2021.
    [abstract] [github] [bib]


I have written a few tutorial pieces and application essays; I hope it may be useful to some people. More articles to come!


  • Two books have greatly influenced my perspective on research. They are Geek Heresy by Kentaro Toyama, and The Worlds I See by Li Fei-Fei. Thank you both for sharing your stories.
  • I recommend How to Avoid a Climate Disaster for everyone, especially if you're an undergraduate or younger.
  • This webpage was adapted from Nelson's. Thanks!