Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei | 魏天正

Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei
Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei

PhD Student
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California

Office: PHE 101
Pronouns: he/him

Hi! I am a PhD student (since fall 2019) focusing on natural language processing and machine learning at the University of Southern California, where I am advised by Robin Jia. My current interest is in adaptive data collection. Previously, I earned a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When there are slow weeks at school, I can be found lifting myself at the USC Parkside calisthenic park or riding my bikes to places within driving distance. Oh yeah, I also try to read different books.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to email me! I am currently looking for an internship for the summer of 2022.

Email: jtwei [strudel]

Links: [Twitter] [Github] [Google Scholar]

Selected publications

A full list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar.
  • The statistical advantage of automatic NLG metrics at the system level
    Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei and Robin Jia.
    ACL 2021.
    [abstract] [github] [bib]

  • Results of the WMT20 Metrics Shared Task
    Nitika Mathur, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Markus Freitag, Qingsong Ma, and Ondřej Bojar.
    WMT 2020.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • Results of the WMT19 Metrics Shared Task: Segment-Level and Strong MT Systems Pose Big Challenges
    Qingsong Ma, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Ondřej Bojar, and Yvette Graham.
    WMT 2019.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • Better Automatic Evaluation of Open-Domain Dialogue Systems with Contextualized Embeddings
    Sarik Ghazarian, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, Aram Galstyan, and Nanyun Peng.
    NeuralGen @ NAACL 2019.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • Twitter Universal Dependency Parsing for African-American and Mainstream American English
    Su Lin Blodgett, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, and Brendan O'Connor.
    ACL 2018.
    [abstract] [bib]

  • A Dataset and Classifier for Recognizing Social Media English
    Su Lin Blodgett, Johnny Tian-Zheng Wei, and Brendan O'Connor.
    WNUT @ ACL 2017. Best paper award (WNUT).
    [abstract] [bib]



I have written a few tutorial pieces and application essays; I hope it may be useful to some people. More articles to come!


  • If you find yourself fixated on unhappy or unpleasant thoughts, you may benefit from therapy. I think resolving emotional difficulties need dedicated time and effort, and therapy is a constructive way to accomplish this. If you are a USC student, we have excellent resources (book an appointment on MySHR or call (213) 740-9355). If you are a student at an university in the US, check in with your health services to see if therapy and counseling services are offered - more may be available than you think!
  • I recommend How to Avoid a Climate Disaster for everyone, especially if you're an undergraduate or younger.
  • I recommend Buddhism Without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening for a patient reader; the book might offer an interesting insight or two. As an alternative, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals can be a better read - lookout for the Buddhist themes throughout the book!
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